Amazon Quiz 5 February 2021 Answers: Answer & chance to Win Rs/-25,000

Amazon Quiz 5 February 2021 Answers for all questions. Participated quiz time is daily 8.00 AM to 12.00 PM, chance to win Rs/-25,000. Answer all 5 questions enter the lucky draw to win the prize. Here it is the first question which political figure born on 17th January, was also a popular actor starring in movies such as sathi leelavati, rajakumari and mohini?. Options is NT. Rama Rao, Captain Vijayakanth, MG Ramachandran, Rajanikanth.

Answer for first question is MG Ramchandran. Question number 2 is Which of these is true about the union budget about to be presented in 2021?. Options for this questions is It Would go paperless, It will be officially presented in February, There would be no budget briefcase, All Of These. Answer for second question is All of these.

3rd Question is Which of these is the name of coastal defense exercise conducted by the Indian Navy in January 2021. Option for this questions is Sea Vigil-21, Sea Trek-21, Sea Survey-21, Sea Explorer-21. Answer for this question is Sea Vigil-21. For next questions provided below.

4th Questions is Which fact about this animal is incorrect?. Options for this question is Each animal’s stripes are unique, A group of these animals is a dazzle, These animals are found in Africa, A Female is called a stallion. Answer for 4th question is A female is called a stallion.

Also, 5th Question is Which ball and net sport is being played in this picture. Option for this question is netball, lawn balls, paddle ball, lacrosse. Answer for this question is lacrosse. In today quiz asking questions related to MG Ramchandran Movies, Union Budget released by Indian Government this year. Also, Indian Navy. To know upcoming quiz contests information follow Ind Jagran Web Portal. Before playing the quiz everyone must read the terms and conditions and then play the quiz.

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