GHKKPM 19 March 2021 Written Update: Omkar send message as a pulkit to sayi

GHKKPM 19 March 2021 Written Update Episode begins with sonali asking to bhawani don’t think about pulkit. Karishama also supports sonali. Sayi return to home and informed to bhawani since pulkit send last message his phone gets switch off tone. Devi comes to hall to meet sayi, once met sayi devi asking to when pulkit comes to our house to meet my mom, when my marriage happens with him. Shivani asking to sayi if you have any other number of pulkit. Sayi said no.

Omkar meet kidnapper, given money to him and asking pulkit phone and send message to sayi and return to home. When omkar return to home ninad thanks to omkar because his master mind. After that sayi  gets message from pulkiit but they don’t no omkar send message to sayi phone as a pulkit. Then sayi informed to bhawani, bhawani read the message and said to sayi i.e pulkit not interested to meet us because we are all know his secret marriage. Once listen bhawani words devi stars crying, shivani asking to devi please stop crying.

Shivani said to sayi pulkit cheat us, you still support him. Bhawani taken sayi hands and taken her to main door and said to her i will send you outside the home but i can not do this because virat not at house right now. After that omkar, ninad reached house. Devi crying and fallen on the floor. Ninad phone to doctor, Doctor reached the home and given injection to devi. Later bhawani, ninad, omkar seen each their faces and starts smiles.

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