Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th March 2021 Written Update: Vansh Life in Deep Trouble

Kabir assistant his assistant killed vansh, assistant shoot a bullet but anupriya saved vansh, bullet hits on anupriya leg. After that vansh done first-aid to anupriya. Later angre hold his gun and shoots enemy. Later vansh comes to riddhima said to her riddhima you must follow our plan, vansh thrown a smoke bomb and leaves the party area. Kabir recognized vansh apply his plan to escape from the VR Mansion. Later kabir went to downstairs, vansh ties jaideep hands once he comes to basement and remove his makeup and realized it’s kabir. After that vansh said to kabir what you think about me i will escape from your. Then riddhima said to him we apply fake plan to catches you and who supports you.

At that time sayi, daadi shouts vansh and vansh think himself they are at brundavan, Kabir smiles. After that vansh ties kabir hands and went to upstairs to know what happen to daadi, sayi. Once they went upstairs daadi, sayi in deep trouble because some one set bombs around daadi, sayi body. Sayi said kabir kidnapps us. Later vansh hits on kabir face and try to kill him. But riddhima said vansh please don’t kill kabir, Riddhima asking to kabir please leave them.

After that kabir informed to riddhima i will kidnapped you on the occasion of valentine day. Also asking riddhima please come with me. After that riddhima said to kabir if you telle me the truth before marriage i will stay with you, Kabir feels happy because riddhima turns his side. At that time riddhima finds the remote and thrown to vansh. Vansh catches the remote and defuse the bombs. At that time aryan spread the kerosene all over the hall and spread the fire.

Once fires spread the hall kabir, chanchal, aryan try to escaping the VR Mansion. At that time kabir holds riddhima hands and taken her with him. Riddhima hits kabir head with jar. Kabir fallen on the floor. Vansh shouts riddhima, Riddhima come closer to vansh. Kabir again holds riddhima hands and taken with her. Riddhima shouts vansh. Vansh comes to basement area. Once vansh reached the secret room kabir close the doors, vansh suffer with heavy smoke and unable to taken breeth. Riddhima try to broken the glass but unable to broken the doors and vansh fallen on the floor.

Later riddhima gets unconscious, Kabir taken her with him. Once riddhima gets conscious angry on kabir and asking to him please taken me where vansh is. Kabir asking to riddhima let’s forget vansh.

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